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Your Week Done Right with Cambodia Temples, Beaches and More! - Take a Trip with Tina

Zipping from Cambodia Temples to Beaches

Go on the Cambodia adventure of your wanderlust dreams. We’ll walk you through how to have 7 days of food, excitement, culture across different locations.

Can’t choose between adventure and some relaxation? There’s no need to crack your brains to make a choice! With our 7 days guide, we’re including chock full of options that everyone can enjoy. Satisfy your inner movie geek and wave watching needs in a week in amazing Cambodia.

Check out these great accommodation options during your stay in Cambodia.

Where to Visit in Cambodia

Day 1 – 3: Siem Reap

Angkor What?

Fun fact: Angkor was derived from Sanskrit to mean “city”.  It is no secret that most people across the globe travel to Cambodia just to visit the Angkor Wat temple. We don’t blame them as it truly is a beaut. This prized Khmer architecture icon is world famous for reasons beyond its majestic appearance. Built by King Suryavarman II, it boasts of Khmer style in architecture mainly using sandstone in its foundations, a display of great skill, style and history. 

Pro Tip: Buddhism is the primary religion practised in Cambodia. The monks adorn a saffron-coloured robe and shaven heads. Each morning, they frequent the streets to receive offerings of money, food and other items in exchange for a blessing. Take note that women are not allowed to touch monks.

The Movie Nerd’s Exploration

Whip out your best Lara Croft’s moves at Ta Phrom, where they filmed the Tomb Raider movie, for an unforgettable photo. Rock a messy braid to complete your picture at foot of the roots-wrapping ruins. Swallowed by the jungle, Ta Phrom deserves at least 2 hours of exploration as you roam through the corridors in maze-like wonder.

Adrenaline Junkies Unite!

When it’s been said and done (at Angkor Wat), what’s next? For our frequent Cambodian travellers who are looking for something new, see Siem Riep with fresh eyes with a mountain bike tour. Don’t worry my gym averse friends, it only requires the fitness level of a beginner! Sweep through the villages with the wind on your face and truly see what Cambodia has best to offer: the Cambodians. Witness first hand the locals engaging in activities (basket weaving) and palm sugar production. Throwing in a traditional Cambodian lunch replenishes both your tummy and soul for this full day activity.

Pro Tip: You might be tempted to cram as many locations as you can in your week but we advise against doing too many. Spending more time in a single place location and soaking in the culture would do more for you than running around 6 different places in a day. This is where careful planning pays off but always be ready for a change of plans. Life happens, you might miss a bus or an emergency might occur. So space out time for basking in the moment and travelling to the next location.

Cheers to Good Health! ជល់មួយ (chôl muŏy) / លើកដាច់ (leuk dach)!

Indulge in tapas over a couple of pints and feel free bar hop along the Pub Street. The beer here is extremely cheap and there’s plenty to eat along the lanes. If you’re up for it, spend your remaining energy dancing the night away at the nightclubs too! We do advise you to be practice responsible drinking no matter where you go. If you’re concerned about enjoying yourself as a solo female traveller, be sure to check out this blog post.

If alcohol is not your thing and you still want to engage in the local nightlife, check out this evening food tour option. We highly recommend trying the King of Fruits, the Durian! Its pungent fleshy meat is encased in a spikey shell and is a favourite of the locals. It might be an acquired taste/smell for most but it is a must-try delicacy in South East Asia.

Day 4 – 5: Phnom Penh

Village Mountain Biking

If you missed your chance to the mountain bike tour in Siem Reap, fret not. There’s a tour in Phnom Penh for you to climb up and breeze through the villages. Where the rice fields meet the mango orchards, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear as you ride in Phnom Penh. You’ll even get to stop by the local market to try delicacies and climb 500 steps to witness an amazing view.

The Nation’s Dark History
Before the country was beloved for its temples and tourist attractions, it was a place of bloodshed. During the Khmer Rouge regime, thousands were tortured and killed. You can visit the Genocide Museum (aka. Prison S21) and the Killing Fields, learning how Tuol Svay Prey High School was converted into a prison. Come along on an educational and emotional journey as you learn about Cambodia’s history.

When the Sun Sets

At night, witness how the Mekong river banks light up with river dinner cruises, rooftop bars and night markets. You can have the choice of a hot cup of joe or a cocktail on the deck, all within the same district.

Pro Tip: For haters of the heat, we advise avoiding the month of April to visit the Kingdom of Cambodia. It is the hottest period of the year to travel to the country (104°F / 40°C). If you’re planning to go then, pack breathable attire and prepare to sweat a lot!

For more things to do in Phnom Penh, check out these tours!

Day 6 – 7: Sihanoukville / Koh Rong

Easily travel between beach paradise at Sihanoukville and Koh Rong as you have your getaway from the city. Get ready to lay back in sandy shores after stuffing yourself with delectable local cuisine.

Seafood Haven (Sihanoukville)

Watching the locals at fishing port, Tumnuk Rolok, to a walk along the sandy Sokha Beach, you have an array of activities at Sihanoukville. Immerse yourself in a day of clothing, jewellery, local cuisine all at the Phsar Leu Central Market. The island is known for having fresh seafood so be sure to revel in a feast. You can even visit the Kbal Chhay Waterfall, Wat Leu (hilltop pagoda temple) and marvel at the view of the town below. If you would like to brought around by an expert, view more details about a group tour here.

For the Family (Sihanoukville)

Bring along your camera for the scenic views of both nature and architecture. Dive deep into the local Cambodian culture as you visit the town’s main icons, Golden Lions, Traffic Circle, War Memorial and Krom Pagoda. Kick back and relax on the Sokha Beach after a swim atop the Hawaii Beach’s rocky point. Browse local merchandise like textiles, poultry, palm sugar and palm juice! Either go free and easy or engage in a full-day excursion with everything planned for you.

Backpackers’ Paradise (Koh Rong)
Experience an authentic private island experience on Koh Rong. We’re talking sandy coves and coral reefs, jungle terrains with hidden waterfalls, suspension bridges and zip lines! Go on the ultimate excursion from Sihanoukville to Koh Rong on this shore exclusive cruise.

Your Must-Pack Items for Your One Week in Cambodia

Aside from the essentials, we’re dishing on things you might forget to pack for your vacation in Cambodia.

Apart from the aesthetic bonus, sunglasses are a must for sunny Cambodia. Siem Reap will be one of the hottest areas in Cambodia, so you most definitely want to protect your eyes from those sun rays. In addition to that, sunblock is crucial to protect yourself against sunburns and skin cancer.

Comfortable walking shoes. We can’t emphasize this enough. You will be doing a ton of walking and for good reason, the local life is amazing to watch. Especially around temples, you will be climbing up and down steps often. You wouldn’t exactly be testing your fitness abilities but having a good comfy pair of kicks will go a long way in helping you enjoy your experience.

Protect your belongings with this anti-theft travel backpack that is both fashionable as it is functional. Robberies often occur in Cambodia as the thieves are swift and skilful. Most travellers don’t notice their valuables are gone till its too late. Avoid being the next victim by taking precautious measures. Be sure to stay safe as you enjoy beautiful Cambodia!

See below for more tours around Cambodia!

If having adventures are your thing but planning isn’t, contact us today to arrange for a 7 day guided tour in Cambodia!

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