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In this post, we’ll be running through quick and easy tips for you to take your photos to the next level.

Taking pictures can be tricky as the result depends on many external factors such as the light, the angle, the movement of the object. The light could be considered as one of the most important factors. You may capture a brilliant moment but poor light quality doesn’t catch the attention. Fortunately, for all of us, colour correction is now accessible for everyone. Check out our top 4 tools to pump up your image below.


Best Tools To Pump Up Your Images

First, you need an editing program. A well-known professional program, Adobe Photoshop. It is a great way for editing your images, though, in order to purchase you need a license. Beginners could use any other free program such as Paint.NET, Gimp, Photo Pos Pro etc.

All of these programs have the same basic tools to use, some of them are more advanced than others but the truth is – they all guide you towards a better result. There a are few easy ways to edit your image:


Depending on your image you might need to brighten up the colours or darken them. An image taken in a poor or-lighted room could appear extremely dark on the screen or if you don’t use white-balance before taking the picture it could appear unnaturally bright. This tool helps you to control the levels of luminosity 


Be careful here. People tend to over-use levels of contrast in the image. It’s a great tool to highlight the colours and especially edges of your objects but too much contrast will make the image look really fake and disturbing.


Saturation does magic with the levels of colour frequencies. You can go from monochrome right up to the lushest colours for the image. Depending on what atmosphere you want to give for the image you can play with saturation until you get to the point you want it to be.

Gamma correction

This is a similar tool to brightness and should be used in close balance with the brightness of your picture. Brightness gives you the darkest possible dark spots and lightest possible light spots whilst gamma balances them in between in a nonlinear way.

These are the basic tool accessible for any editing programs to pump up your image. You can do so much more with your image but if you manage to use these 4 tools in harmony – you build the foundation for your photograph.


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How Photography Magazines Keep Travel Photos Organized

When you’re a photojournalist, you’re taking hundreds – if not thousands – of photos throughout your trip. After hustling for that perfect shot, your travel photos become important documentation of all the people you meet and the places you see. Having so many pictures can quickly become overwhelming if you don’t stay organized, so it’s super helpful to develop a system to keep everything organized.


Folders, folders, folders

Bulking photos into one big folder will cause unnecessary headaches when you’re searching for a particular picture afterwards. Make your life easier and keep your images separated. Divide folders into countries, then cities, followed by events, etc. Title them appropriately and some newer computer program even have the option to colour-code them. When your photo collection reaches into the thousands, you’ll be glad you’ve set up folders to navigate through the rummage.


Delete any photos you know you don’t need/avoid duplicates

Chances are that while you were getting that specific shot, you may have pressed that shutter button a few dozen times. As soon as you upload your photos onto your computer, choose your best one and get rid of all the extra ones. The images take up too much valuable space and can cause your system to crash. Make a decision to avoid clutter and if you need help deciding which one to keep – ask someone around you for their visual opinion. 


Size the photos to your needs

Depending on what you’re planning to do with your photos after your travel excursion, you might want to think about what resolution you’ll be shooting at. Raw files can produce quality images but they take up a lot of space and slow down your systems. Shooting in .jpeg is usually fine if you’re thinking of putting up the pictures online and most of your audience won’t be able to tell the differences. Even if you’re putting through the photos onto your computer, you might want to compress them to fit more in. All those megabytes eventually do add up!


Backup often!

This cannot be stressed enough, one should never depend on one piece of technology. So many photographers lose amazing pictures because they forgot to put their pictures onto a hard drive or back it up online. Purchase a shock-proof hard drive to protect your photos and make it a habit to continuously upload your latest work. Setting up a Google account, you have an accessible online drive and can create folders there. Having your photos saved on a cloud-type system is recommended if you’re worried about losing your files. Also, make sure not to format any memory cards without checking if they’ve been already backed-up.


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Basic Tips for Adventure Photography


1. Know where the sun is

That may sound like strange advice but the sun can either destroy or make your photos better. Knowing how to manipulate light is essential, especially if you’re not in control of the light source. To flatter your human subjects, the easiest way is to put them in the best light to avoid heavy shadows. If you want brochure-style landscape photos, wait for the sun to bounce off to capture that picturesque scene.


2. The rule of thirds

Almost everyone has heard of this rule before as this is a proven tactic that provides visual interest in a photo. By placing your subject off-centre in the frame, you break the routine. Mentally divide the frame into three sections (left, centre and right), and then put the subject on one of the lines. Mastering this easy tip can add lots of power to your photo.


3. Look around

There’s always something interesting happening around you if you just step away from a certain location. Sure, the Eiffel Tower is nice but if you spot buskers or a group of tourists – their reactions may be worth capturing. Go into alleyways, look at the ground and just be curious! If you come across anything that’s neat, chances are someone else will think the same.



4. Keep snapping

There’s always a chance that for the one moment you put your camera away, you’ll miss an awesome shot. Have your DSLR set on the continuous shooting mode and just snap away during your travels. Don’t hesitate to take a photo, make it a part of your walk. “Just one more photo” should be your mantra as there are hidden gems everywhere.


5. Be aware

Do you hear music? Follow it. Is there a large crowd forming? Go to it. When there are big gatherings of people, there is bound to be a photo series opportunity. Human subjects are the best way to evoke feeling into your photography. Emotions like happiness, anger and sadness are powerful when captured in numbers, for whatever their reason or cause of uniting may be.


So there you go! We hope you enjoyed reading all about basic photography. If you gained value from this article and want to better yourself, we have just the thing for you!

If you’re also looking to earn real cash from doing what you love, our course helps you achieve that dream travel blogging job.


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