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Which Travel Insurance To Choose? - Take a Trip with Tina

Having travel insurance is one of the most important things you have to arrange before you wander off into the world – no matter where you go.

Things can happen so quickly to you and hospital bills become expensive fast. I’ve travelled with several different insurances, which all worked great in my emergency situations, but I came across my absolute favourite one, which covers all possible situations.

When this bull attacked me on the cattle station in the Australian desert of Alice Springs, it smashed up my foot big time and I had to have several operations. I had to fly to a different hospital and even needed physiotherapy.

which-travel-insurance-to-choose-225x300I was super lucky I had decent travel insurance. My boss didn’t have workers compensation at that time (which is illegal on a cattle range!) One night in the Alice Springs’ hospital (only the bed, without any operations, treatments, medicine or care) cost about 1000 AUD! Outsch. I would be in debt big time today if I didn’t have any travel insurance.

Yes, this was a pretty dangerous job and you might think you will be fine, not doing crazy work like that, but hey, I have a friend who got run over by a bus in Thailand by just standing on the side of the street. He did not have any travel insurance and today he has to have many operations. He cannot put it into words on how much he regrets not arranging insurance for his trip.

So, which travel insurance to choose?

World Nomads Travel Insurance is the best for travellers like me who are all over the place. The best thing about them: You can get the insurance while you are already on the road, while many other insurances request you to finalise the papers before you leave your home country.



Get Travel Insurance while already on the road

After the incident with the bull, I decided to extend my stay around the world but I was running out of travel insurance. It is really hard to find a company which you can join when you are already on the road.

I managed to find one, which is not expensive at all and has some awesome features as well. I listed only a few points, but check out the full package here.

  • Make a claim online: Very easy!
  • They cover over 200 extreme sports activities (e.g. skiing, snowboarding, canoeing, kite surfing, rock climbing, bungee jumping and many more!)
  • Available to most citizens from over 140 countries
  • Covers all your belongings (perfect for digital Nomads!)
  • Extend flexible any time

Find out more about your personal rate for the World Nomads Travel Insurance here.


Have you ever used this insurance? If so, where you happy? Or did you use another travel insurance? Do you have any tips on which travel insurance to choose from? Please share your experience with us and leave a comment in the box below.

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