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Want To Try A Traditional Bali Massage? Looking for the best hairdresser or gym in Canggu? - Take a Trip with Tina

Picture this.

Best Spa in Bali

You have just stepped off the plane onto the warm tarmac in an exotic island that’s foreign to you. Surrounding you is the smell of the luscious vegetation and Bali’s fresh air with the peace interrupted by sounds of heat bugs. Due to your long flight and aching back, you wish to find your hotel and simply relax before participating in any water sports activities or mountain treks. What your heart truly desires is to find a relaxation centre offering a traditional Bali massage along with other wellness treatments that allow your stress to fade away into the abyss…

Entertainment Book Bali is here to provide you with luxurious, relaxation experiences to escape the normalities and unnecessary burdens that life has to offer you. Doesn’t that sound like a dream? Entertainment Book Bali

With our free, downloadable Bali ebook that is accessible on- and offline, you will find unshared offers ranging from 50% off spa treatments to manicure and pedicure deals as well as 2-for-1 offers inside.

Aside from our spa deals, we also have exclusive offers for the martial arts academy that we are partnered with proving that we haven’t forgotten about your physical exercise as well. We want to ensure that your relaxation experience is optimized to the max with the endless list of spa treatments offered by our top 4 spas we handpicked just for you!

Yes, we have tried them all ourselves and narrowed it down to this list that is presented below. Once you choose a relaxation spa, then will you truly understand that Entertainment Book Bali really does have their client’s interests at heart.

How can you receive this Bali guide you might ask? By simply, downloading the guidebook here.


The Renowned Spa Seminyak


Before we dive into our list of preferred spas located primarily in Canggu, we first had to direct your attention to one of our favourite day spas in Seminyak.


1. Bodyworks Bali

Spa in Bali

Known for the perfect, detailed execution of manicures and pedicures as well as massages, Bodyworks Bali greets all their customers with a pleasant smile to match their mantra “Bodyworks equals best in town”.

Open for twenty years, their reputation is solidly built on the constant, positive delivery of glamour treatments and high standard massages showcasing customer retention at its finest.

With a unique set of wellness treatments inspired by Balinese traditions, techniques, and ingredients, you are able to fully indulge in everything this enchanting paradise has to offer you in the heart of Bali.

Aside from their beauty treatments, some other delights you can find awaiting you are freshly made juices, infrared saunas, spellbinding flower petal baths, acclaimed hairdressers, and most importantly, exceptional value for money spent.

Bali massage

Furthermore, Bodyworks Bali offers differentiating massage treatments such as two-hour exfoliation treatments and the long-established Balinese massage that applies venerable techniques allowing the mind and body to be fully nourished and healed. In addition to this, the staff of Bodyworks is trained in Thai, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, and Reflexology therapies to get your blood flowing and your body feeling loose.

Some other additional services that compliment massages are hour-long facials, full epilation, manicures, pedicures, hair cream baths, hairdressing, and hair coloring. If you want beauty to be easy on your much-deserved getaway, Bali is the right place for it.

Before we move on to the next spas, we just wanted to let you know of the most highly-demanded massage requested by customers known as Mandi Lulur.

This treatment begins with a 75-minute massage later followed by the entire body painted in a nutrient-rich granular base composed of turmeric, sandalwood, cinnamon, ground nuts, and rice. After a quick rinse, the body is then covered in yogurt allowing the moisture to seal leaving your skin smooth and supple. Then, the treatment is concluded with a luxurious, aromatherapy flower-filled bath.


2. The Detox Room


Specializing in treatments such as acupuncture, auriculotherapy, colon hydrotherapy, Chinese cupping, Chinese herbal medicine, and facial rejuvenation, The Detox Room treats patients for any issues ranging from body detoxification techniques to obesity and weight loss, quitting smoking, anxiety, depression, insomnia, migraines, neck- and backaches, and facial wrinkles.

With detoxing in Bali, you are able to rid yourself of unwanted hormones and stress that prohibit your mind from thinking clearly.

When you fall in love with your single detox Bali treatment (we know you will because we did!), you will want to jump at the first chance you get at a detox package. Thankfully, this is available at The Detox Room in segments of 5 days, where you can choose from a detox Bali package or a fasting Bali detox package. The choice is yours.

bali detox

What’s included in the 5 day detox package?

  • Day 1: Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Day 2: Acupuncture
  • Day 3: Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Day 4: Chinese Cupping
  • Day 5: Colon Hydrotherapy



With the same things included in the fasting detox package, the only difference is the provision of organic juices (3 bottles a day) along with coconut water. Considering the fact that green juices and coconut water only contain 500 calories, you can expect to lose 3 kg within 5 days of this speciality package.

If you weren’t aware of this fact before regarding fasting, the benefit is that it enhances detoxing by setting the body in repair mode leading to organ and cell regeneration resulting in an upgraded immune system.


3. Glo Spa Bali

With services delivered by a well-trained team and savvy technicians, Glo Spa is an urban environment that offers a comprehensive selection of grooming materials, pampering massages, and body treatments.Tina Dahmen travel agent

Were you aware that Glo Spa is known as Bali’s finest salon offering trendy Western colouring, cutting, and style techniques?

To complement their services, Glo Spa offers gourmet tea, French-pressed coffee, and a luxurious selection of cocktails, wine, and beer for their customers.

One of their specialities is catering to brides on their big wedding day as well as bridesmaids with professional, makeup services and beautiful hair to add some magic to the day.

Acting as a one-stop shop for all treatments in Bali, Glo Spa offers beautifying treatments on their menu list to satisfy your vanity and sanity.


4. Colors Canggu

Best Spa in Canggu

Have you ever been in a nail salon with a juice bar under the same roof?

Look no further. At Colors Canggu, high-quality manicures and pedicures are offered in addition to organic cold pressed juices allowing you to sip away on oxidizing nutrients as you get pampered like a queen.

This salon is designed perfectly for the lifestyles of those who wish to not neglect their well-being despite their demanding professional, private, or social lives.

Subsequently, the nail polish brand, Nailberry, is used as it is an organic product that is not tested on animals. Sold and used in some of the world’s best salons, the brand L’Oxygéné is breathable offering chemical-free ingredients that suitably fit the concept of Colors Canggu.

On the other hand, the ingredients used in the cold-pressed juice bar are locally sourced from Bali farms with 100% organic certification attached to it.


5. Find Your Gym Canggu – MMA Bali – Choose your favorite class

Introduced as the only Indonesian-Brazilian friendship foundation in Bali, this MMA gym offers the following classes:

  • Train Capoeira
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • MMA (mixed martial arts)
  • Boxing
  • Kids & Adults classes


If you desire to take a private class with a Brazilian master, this option is available to you as well along with their group classes.

Perhaps you have always wanted to take a boxing class, but have never gotten around to it. In our Bali ebook, some of the exclusive deals (for your eyes only) that you can find is a coupon for 1 free jiu-jitsu lesson, 1 free boxing class, 1 free Muay Thai class, and more.

These free classes are perfect for those individuals who simply wish to just dip their toes in the shallow end without diving in the deep end.

If you can’t make it to Bali this time, you can check out online self-defense classes right here.


Bali Massage, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Lesson, or a Beautifying Treatment?

Now that our partners have been presented to you from differentiating categories, which one suits you?

Are you leaning towards receiving a luxurious, traditional Bali massage at Bodyworks Bali followed by a hair cream bath? Or, perhaps your taste lies within The Detox Room and signing up for the 5-day fasting detox package? Maybe you are in Bali for a friend’s wedding or your own, and are on the hunt for the perfect spa to offer high-end professional hair and makeup services?

Entertainment Book Bali

Wherever your determination lies, there is always something to find within these top spas (and gym) that cater to your personal preference and desires.

If you wish to claim and secure your free offers, download our Bali guidebook today to start saving money. 

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