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The Best Food in Bali- What Canggu Cuisine Suits Your Taste? - Take a Trip with Tina

Best food in Bali

After trying different cuisine options, we have created Entertainment Book Bali to narrow down the best food in Bali suiting your unique inclinations and preferences.

Have you ever had the privilege of tasting the delectable delicacies that Bali cuisine has to offer? Ranging from options to suit your taste such as veganism, charming cafes, and gourmet food, your taste buds will be ignited the moment Balinese food touches your palate.

What is your preference when it comes to eateries or menu options? Subsequently, do you favor gastronomy more in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Are you interested in gaining exclusive insider access to infinite options when exploring cuisine in Bali, beach clubs, or venues offering co-working spaces?

We are here to make this desire come to life with, Entertainment in Bali, a guidebook to all of Bali’s finest. From a relaxing day at the spa, ocean, or poolside to a night out at a hotspot in Bali, we have you covered with unshared offers that aren’t available anywhere else in Bali.

We want to ensure your experience at any of our highly-recommended cafes or restaurants is nothing short of spectacular. All recommended restaurants/cafes offer service with a smile along with menu options that truly cater to your current appetite or sweet tooth whether it may be burgers, salads, smoothie bowls, desserts, or range of unique meats such as beef or chicken as well as seafood options such as tuna, teriyaki salmon, and mahi-mahi.

If you are interested in the best guided culinary tour of Indonesia’s finest cuisine you can contact Luxury Bali Tours.


Canggu Bali Restaurants

In order to make this blog as seamless as possible, we are going to categorize our top picks for Canggu Bali restaurants into breakfast and lunch options making this article an easy, delightful read.




1. District Cafe

Cafe Canggu new

Weekly Brunch At The Ground Floor- Resto Cafe- at District Cafe


This unique cafe has two floors with the bottom being dedicated towards a resto cafe and the top floor a coworking office space that offers different bandwidth packages and a blend of available seating options catering to your propensities. Additionally, there is a roof terrace and shower facilities to freshen up if you need a short break.

Coworking District

District Cafe is committed to providing its customers with pristine ingredients in order to promote healthy living and tenable energy. This cafe is against serving processed food with sucrose sugars as it prefers healthy oils as an alternative.

American Breakfast Bali

To promote positive sustenance for the mind, body, and soul, District Cafe brings you an exciting range of cuisin

es such as adrenaline-boosting juices and smoothies to natural foods. Furthermore, tasting the traditional Indonesian coffee served by trained baristas is a must.

Now, let’s consider their menu choices in depth. One of their most in-demand menu options is their cold-pressed juices, specificallyhit me up” containing natural. high-quality ingredients such as spinach, kale, celery, green pear, cucumber, and ginger.

Doesn’t this rainbow-colored drink sound phenomenal?

Lastly, their customers absolutely favor District’s salad bowls, especially “lucky guess” that is comprised of components such as baby romaine, spinach, avocado, cucumber, pine nuts, and more.


2. Koloni

Canggu Bali restaurants

Influenced by Latin American culture and Southeast Asian cultures, Koloni is a restaurant that primarily focuses on vegan-friendly delicacies prepared with all-natural ingredients sourced locally.

With the vibe carrying rarity and a one-of-a-kind feel,  Koloni is an intimate setting blended with a jungle aura and a touch of historic charm. As this restaurant/cafe is fitting for any time of the day whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks, it encourages party events as it located in the heart of Canggu, Bali.

Open daily from 8:00am-10:00 pm, their highly recommended breakfast bowl, ‘Hungry Breakie Bowl’, is highly favored by their regular customers as it contains ingredients such as quinoa, sauteed kale, pumpkin seeds, avocado slices, and grilled tomatoes.

Alternatively, if breakfast bowls aren’t your go-to, their ‘carrot cake waffle’ is a must-try with locally sourced ingredients such as sliced almonds, coconut nectar, and a light, cream cheese spreading.

Best food in Canggu




3. Milk & Madu

Milk and Madu Canggu

What makes Milk & Madu unique is the fact that it is more than a simple restaurant- it also holds arts and crafts for kids as well as home movie nights where local families gather together joined by hearty live music providing a sensational environment.

Their breakfast menu options range from fresh-baked croissants to cold-pressed juice/smoothie blends or alternatively Ethiopian or Colombian blends of coffee, compliments of “Beans By the Brotherhood”.

Pertaining to lunch, Aussie-beef burgers with brioche buns and fried chicken inflame your mouth’s palate. If you are a vegetarian, there are alternative options such as Mexican salad bowls or Poké bowls with fresh fish such as tuna.

Additionally, Milk & Madu offer catering services if you are hosting a special, celebratory event.  All you have to is submit your online request and allow them to make your wishes come true.

4. The Common

Breakfast Canggu

The Common is brought to you by the same souls of Milk & Madu. Located in Badung, Bali, this cozy cafe serves demographics of all types such as hippies, surfers, vegans, meat lovers, and vegetarians. Everyone is invited and welcome.

Best dish in CangguThis Australian-style food is wholesome, fresh, organic, and gluten-free placing the health of their consumers as a priority.  

With all-day breakfast and lunch served from 12-4pm and dinner from 5-10pm, The Common is the place to be during all hours of the day with their tasteful menu delights.

If you enjoy seafood, their salt and pepper calamari with homemade aioli and crunchy shallots is a five-star appetizer option. Following this is their popular teriyaki salmon bowl composed of rice, eggplant, tempura, edamame beans, and wasabi mayo to spice up your taste buds.




5. Watercress

Best breakfast in Canggu

With a combination of one-of-a-kind hospitality and exceptional menu options, Watercress Cafe can be found in either Seminyak or Ubud.

Cafe in SeminyakStaying true to their mantra “Say hello to wholesome abundance and inspiring flavors”, the origin of Watercress commences with childhood friends Pablo Fourcard and Jordie Strybos who grew up together in Byron Bay.

Known for its international menu catering to diverse tastes and cultures, Watercress Cafe collaborates with high-quality local brands such as Breakfast in Bali, Happy Kombucha, and Revolver Coffee who share the similarity of significant quality.

With communal seating and ability to book online reservations eliminating the hassling of calling, Watercress stay on top of its modernity with its combination of rustic and tropical aesthetics. 



Exclusive Eating in Bali- Lunch Eateries

After viewing our top picks for breakfast locations in Bali, we can now move on to eating in Bali, luncheon-style.


1. Cocomo Canggu

Canggu cafe

With this cafe being health-focused and locally owned, Cocomo Canggu serves a modern, international menu ranging from healthy, green salads to meat options such as beef and/or chicken ending with a dessert of course.

Positioned in Batu Bolong, Cocomo caters to cultural cuisines such as Mediterranean, Indonesian, and Mexican allowing everyone to be welcomed in this cozy eatery. With gluten-free options similar to The Common, Cocomo is the perfect place for an empty tummy.

The delectable menu option of grilled tuna salad is favored due to its ‘ocean freshness’ and sides of capers, potato salad, parsley, garlic, and dill inspired by Sicilian cuisine. Alternatively, beef rendang is the tastiest dish on the menu if you are a meat-lover who enjoys slow-cooked beef soaked in 15+ organic, aromatic Indonesian spices. The initial bite will leave you in awe and feeling satisfied.

Cocomo Canggu


2. In The Raw

Brunch in the raw

Known for its cold-pressed, organic juices, In The Raw is a delectable eatery offering preservative-free foods and drinks.

Smoothie bowls in Canggu

Most of their ingredients are sourced from local artisan producers found in Bali allowing ultimate freshness in their foods. Aside from In The Raw, the Beach Garden is also their restaurant which offers a diversifying selection of vegan, vegetarian, raw, and regular foods.

If you decide on a night in rather than a night out on the town, In The Raw and the Beach Garden deliver as well in order to satisfy their customers’ late night cravings.  Serving six different types of smoothie bowls, their highly favored one is the Smoothie Love Bowl which is stuffed with papaya, strawberries, goji berries, and lime catering to any gustatory cell in your body.

On the other hand, their raw Pad Thai is also a must-try with its enticing flavors originating from mung beans, zucchini, carrots, onion, coconut milk, peppers, and lime.

When you visit In The Raw, which one will you try- will it be their popular smoothie bowl or their beloved raw Pad Thai?

3. Quinoa Bowl

Best food in Canggu

This healthy grill bar is known for its famous menu option of quinoa bowls which suits the name superbly. This up and coming healthy cafe serves rare delicacies such as coconut sweet potato and quinoa salads as well as sourdough berry pancakes catering to your sweet tooth or healthy desires.

Best cafe Canggu

Unlike the other cafes previously mentioned, Quinoa Bowl additionally offers Italian-inspired pizzas such as Pizza Campagnola or Meat Lovers Pizza staying true to the taste.

Furthermore, their chocolate mousse is definitely a favorite amongst their customers as it is flavorful-enriched with tastes of Bali.

On the picture below you can see my all-time favorite, the ‘Supercharged’ smoothy bowl. I pretty much eat it every single time I go there. It comes with banana, cinnamon, dates, cacao nibs, peanut butter, almond milk and raw protein powder (the main reason why I love it so much!)  


4. Saigon Street

Vietnam in Bali

With the menu being 98% gluten-free, Saigon Street caters towards Vietnamese-styled cuisine and coffee. Offering a fresh perspective with its vibrant artistic taste, this restaurant offers delicious dishes such as Pho, mahi-mahi, scallop ceviche, and tiger prawns wrapped in rice with a light sprinkle of chili pepper on top.

Aside from their food platters, their drink choices are also unique offering sugar cane juice (Nuoc Mia) for the non-coffee drinkers or alcoholic cocktails such as their highly-demanded sake and sour apple martini. 

Fine Dine Restaurant Bali



5. Fatboy’s The Burger Bar Bali

Best burgers in Canggu

With their eye-catching advertisement and mantra “I only drink on days that start with ‘T’,  Tuesday…Thursday…Today…Tomorrow…Thaturday…Thunday”, Fatboys Burger Bar aim is to provide exclusive deals to their customers with their ongoing monthly campaigns such as different combo deals and burger of the month.

With locations in Canggu and Seminyak, this populous burger joint aims to please with their unique range of specialty burgers such as Monster Mash, Fat Bastard, and Bikini Bottom, of course catering to Spongebob Squarepants lovers.

Once you’ve had the chance to try all their extraordinary burgers, you are able to move onto their alternative menu options such as salads, pasta, and mustard chicken kebabs.

You have now experienced the best food in Bali, in addition to juices and smoothies, catering to menu options geared towards breakfast, brunch, drinks, or lunch.


The Best Food in Bali- Which One Will You Visit First?


After thoroughly reading the list of the best food in Bali, which restaurant or cafe do you desire to visit first? Entertainment Book Bali

Perhaps it’s Fatboys’ Burger Bar to satisfy your cravings of a delectable, remarkable burger or maybe you are slightly leaning towards a cafe that provides gluten-free, veganism options such as Cocomo Canggu’s menu. Or, perhaps you wish to satisfy your appetite that desires a smoothie bowl topped off with a mixture of various fruits and vegetables sourced locally from Balinese natives?

Whatever your choice may be, Entertainment Book Bali has you covered with exclusionary offers saving you money on your preferred restaurant and/or cafe.

Contact Entertainment Book Bali today to download our free Bali Guide Book containing covert deals ranging from 50% off meals to free coffees and/or other beverages as well as 2 for one deals- exclusive to only you.  


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