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10 lessons you may learn while teaching English abroad - Take a Trip with Tina

Teaching English is one of the skills that many students forget they may have. After all, growing up or studying in an English speaking country doesn’t really enlighten people about the possibility of teaching the language. It usually takes more than that to inspire people to teach a language. Perhaps a passion for teaching, helping others, and linguistics – or a combination of all these factors.

Teaching English will be easier than you think


Nonetheless, those who want to travel to different places in the world may find that teaching English is a wonderful means to do so. Since English is the most widely spoken language in the world, it’s also one of the most taught and demanded languages. As such, you can find many avenues by which you can throw yourself into an adventure of a lifetime by teaching young school children on the basics of the language. Due to your advanced knowledge in the subject, it shouldn’t necessarily be too difficult.

Sure, it may take time to get used to teaching English. But your acclimatization will go well, as you gain confidence in the knowledge that you’re helping others better themselves by learning a new language.


Here are 10 lessons you can learn while teaching English: 


1. Giving feels good. Putting yourself out there and volunteering so that you can help others grow is a wonderful feeling. It’ll make you realize that positive contribution is part of living a meaningful life.

2. Changing surroundings makes you appreciate life. Monotony is the enemy to live because it makes you take things for granted. Once you’re in another country you’ll realize that variety is the spice of life.

3. Teaching English at its most basic levels reminds you of the mistakes you make in your grammar, speaking, and writing. By teaching others, you’ll in a way be reviewing the principles of your language. Maybe you don’t think you need it, but this is a great side benefit of teaching!

4. There are a lot of people far worse off than you. Today there’s this growing malaise about the current state of income inequality all over the world. Most particularly, ironically, in developed countries. Experiencing life in a non-developed country (for example in Cambodia), makes you realize that you’re part of the lucky percentage of the world. Your complaints will lessen and your gratitude will grow.
Teach English Abroad

5. You’ll develop a greater sense of empathy and understand there’s a bigger picture. We have so much going in our worlds. So much so that we forget that there are others living equally or more difficult lives.

6. You’ll build a better self-image. Studies have shown that your self-image is one of the great conductors of the way you experience your life. Teaching English will boost your subconscious feeling that you do care, and that can only help you feel more confident.

7. You’ll build new relationships. Due to volunteer programs usually congregating like-minded people from all over the world, you will never feel alone.

8. You’ll leave behind your story. Once we’re settled into a routine in our home countries, we build this story in our heads of who we are. Traveling into a completely new country will remind you that the story of your past doesn’t make you as a person.

9. Your teaching skills will be much improved. After your time teaching English, you’ll be much more confident about teaching in general.

10. You’ll learn about yourself. By putting yourself in an uncomfortable, new situation you’ll grow to appreciate your weaknesses and strengths, and come back to your country as a much better version of yourself.

Would you like to earn money while teaching English as well and not tread it as a volunteering position only? Those are the highest paying countries where you can teach English abroad:

  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Oman
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Japan
  • Kuweit
  • South Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Taiwan
  • China

You could also take courses and learn how to teach English in one weekend

Teach English online

There may be reasons why you are not able to move to the above-named countries, but hey there is always the possibility to teach English online as well. You don’t have to be an English teacher, but a teaching certificate (like the TEFL certificate) helps a lot to be able to find a job as an English teacher and to make yourself more competitive and earn a higher salary.

You can find online English teaching jobs here.

With the TEFL certificate in your hands, you are also able to go for a Paid Internship Teaching English in Thailand.


Teaching English in Cambodia

This third world country has a mass of opportunities for those looking to try teaching English in Cambodia. At the moment, there are many expats who are currently plying their trade of teaching English in the country. And so, if you venture there, you can be sure you’ll be in good company.

After all, the task of going to a country where few have gone is a little daunting. With the number of companies that are dedicated to providing English teaching services, you can be sure you will be made to feel welcome and at home in Cambodia.


Why is Cambodia so popular for those looking to teach English as a second language?


Teaching English as a foreign languageOne of the reasons why the country has been so popular for those teaching English as a second language is because the barriers to entry are low. Meaning, those without official degrees can get in, safe in the knowledge that they’ll be able to find a job. Plus, there are quite a bunch of organizations that are catered to providing services in Cambodia for a fee, and we offer our volunteering opportunity for free!

Although it’s recommended you get there with a certification, certain organizations cater to people who don’t necessarily have the right qualifications, while there are also many internships and volunteer opportunities. You will benefit greatly by experiencing something new and teaching people something they want to learn. While your ability to speak English might be something you take for granted, many people all around the world would love to learn the language – and you can be the reason they do.


When you learn, teach. When you get, give.

teaching english2

Teaching English as a second language to those less fortunate gives you the opportunity to give. In life, we are drawn to consumption, to try the latest gadget, to get the new experience, to lead our best lives, but it’s not often that we take a moment to think about those outside our circle of friends and family. Yet, there are billions of people around the world sharing the same human experience.

Many of them are a disadvantage due to living in a developing country. By bringing your talents and skills to a country like Cambodia for a period of time, you will be, along with others, contributing to the enrichment of the world.

And by enriching the world, you will be enriching yourself. It’s a funny thing, but the more you give, the more you get back. The world from the moment we step into adulthood begins to become more rigid, and by venturing into a new country, and making ourselves feel the discomfort of trying something new, we loosen the chains of modern life.

Teaching English as a second language is a wonderful opportunity for those looking to do something exciting, improve their teaching skills, get a taste of a new culture, and simply discover what it’s like to live in Cambodia. The youthful country enjoys a sunny climate and with half the current population less than 15 years old, you can understand why there is a need for teaching English as a second language in Cambodia.

Teaching English as a second language has its difficulties

Of course, there will be challenges during your time in the country. Most of the experiences that cause us to grow, begin at the end of our comfort zones. Students range between 13 and 40 years old, meaning you will be able to teach to different groups and the experience of teaching different groups might prove helpful to your teaching skills in general.

Meanwhile, most of the schools have the necessary support, with books, and lesson plans. So if you feel uneasy about teaching for the first time, you can rest assured that you will have a network behind you. It most likely will take you one week to get in the habit of things. After that short period of time, your discomfort will decrease, and you will learn to feel at ease around your students.


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