45 Minutes Lifestyle & Travel Consultation


Save money and choose the luxuries to travel at an affordable rate.

I will show you how you can stretch your money and I will help you to take the limits off your budget.

Interested in setting up a life in another country? We gotta talk!



Book an individual Skype session, personally aligned with your needs.

Ideal use for these sessions will be consulting on all the things I’m damn good at, like:


  • Bringing people the choice to live as they live at home with a better lifestyle in another country
  • Helping you figure out how to leave your 9-5 life behind and maintain a life on the road (working & traveling at the same time)
  • Helping you define your dream destination / suitable country to travel to, according to your imaginations, expectations, available time to travel aligned with your current money situation
  • Helping you to plan your trip if you would like to travel on your own initiative (places to visit / not to visit, places to stay at / not to stay at etc.)
  • Helping you plan for a live/work abroad adventure (in places like Bali, Australia, England, Cambodia etc.)
  • Helping you to get rid of your fears  and insecurities you might be facing and pushing you in the right direction
  • Helping you move past fear so you can move forward with the right actions to reach your goals
  • Giving advice regarding studying abroad
  • Heping you the decide whether the digital nomad life is for you and how to get started
Of course, we can also focus on anything else you may like.
If you’re interested in this, I can’t wait to get started. We are going to move you forward with your goals and dreams together.
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