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How To Change Your Life - Take a Trip with Tina

How to change your lifestyle completely

It’s the end of 2019 and you have itchy feed…something is cooking inside of you but you don’t know what excatly… you just know you need to find a way how to change your life.

The average person makes it until 80 years old. In our rough teenager years (let’s say between 15-20, for some earlier, for some later), we start thinking about girls and boys, degrees or apprenticeships and are meant to decide what we’re gonna do with the REST of our lives (wtf?) So that’s 60 left.

In those 60 years we have left, we are meant to manage it all. Make money, find Mister and Misses Perfect, build a house, work until the end for that retirement plan and all that jazz, you name it. Really???? And that should be it?? 🤔

Unfortunalety most of us start working in some jobs here and there just because it was convenient or had something to do with their degree. Some others are going the serious route straight away and stay in that one job for the next 45 years, are getting married early, and therefore also devorsed early…Well, I wonder why. That’s one thing off the list at least 🙄.

So, if you went for one of those options (like unfortunately majority of the people I USED TO KNOW), well, you are soon 60, been stuck in your daily grind and well…about to die. You kept telling yourself forever that ‘later’ when you are retired, you are going to do aaaaall these things you always wanted to do, once you can afford the time. Right?

Hm….But how about with 65 you are maybe too old to catch that long-distance flight? Maybe your health doesn’t allow you to climb that mountain anymore, dive in those caves or jump off those cliffs? Unfortunately too many people I know have to live with those consequences now. It makes me wanna cry, puke and maybe just turn back the TIME for those people. Unfortunately impossible.


So, how to change your lifestyle? 

You are meant to experience the world before you need to push that walking frame in order to get from A to B. GO out there, make mistakes, one after another, as many as possible. PLEASE. Go into as many different jobs as possible. Meet the people you need to meet in order to get your questions answered and lessons learned (and please reduce the numbers of devorces).

But hey, you need to meet DIFFERENT people in order to grow. And you won’t find those people in your neighbourhood or in the city next door. Broaden your horizons and find those people from different backgrounds, with different cultures, different skin colours, food habits and different perceptions of the world! Your neighbour or friend from highschool isn’t gonna tell you anything new!

GO and exchange ideas, try to see the world in other people’s eyes. Some might stick to your side for a while, some forever. Most people leave after they have taught you what you needed to know and the other way around. Maybe you are so lucky and find someone along the way you can share those moments and experiences with and walk this journey together. This is going to be heaven on earth, pinki-promise. 👆If you do, keep that person by all means, this is very rare material! This is how you change your lifestyle completely! 🙂 

Be careful who you trust and who you give your time to. TIME is your most valuable player. If someone doesn’t respect and value your time- FUCK them. Seriously, fuck them. Remember, there are only 80 years…

While you travel, see what the media tells you in your home country. Then compare it with your own experiences you have in other countries, insider information you get from the locals and build your own bigger picture. Open your mind and broaden your horizons.

Travelling makes you a better person and it teaches you how to change your lifestyel completely. It happens naturally, it’s a process and you won’t realise you have changed and grown so much, until you return home. You will develop a better understanding regarding all sorts of topics in life. And those can never ever be taught in any university in this world, EVER.

In the end all that matters is love anyways.You will see, no matter where people come from, no matter from which walks of life, people do things because of love. Because they either want to give love or they experience a lack of love. And all this being expressed through the funniest, scariest, roughest and loveliest behaviours possible.

To cut a long story short, just book that damn plane ticket and find out how to change your life for yourself!

Travel to learn – learn to travel.

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