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Gifts for friends: 20 unique present ideas for people who travel - Take a Trip with Tina

Christmas is just around the corner. Are you one of those last minute people who hasn’t bought their gifts for friends yet? Are you looking for a present for someone who loves to travel? Let’s check out some of the best gifts for friends who love to travel!

I have divided this article into gifts suitable for a female, male and business traveler as well as for people who are just about to head out into the wild! Of course, ladies first:


Unique presents for girls who love to travel

1. Mountain Ring 


People who love to travel usually (generalizing here) don’t put too much value on material things. So if you are looking to get some jewellery, you may be better off with a mountain ring instead of a big fat diamond ring. If you want her to think about you every day, this is the perfect gift for her.

Nice additions to that: The mountain necklace or the mountain earrings. This set makes up the perfect presents of girls!

2. Uber Gift Card


Be a good boy or parent and save your girlfriend or daughter from the hustle arguing with local taxi drivers. It’s the biggest pain in the butt once you step off the plane.

This is the perfect solution. Help her out with the Uber Gift Card and she can just use it in any country! Amazing and helpful!

3. Self-Defense Course for Traveler


Staying safe while traveling the world SHOULD be on top of everyone’s priority list! Be a good friend and help your girl to learn how to defend herself while traveling the world. 

This video course will allow you to play around in your own surroundings at home, whenever you like! You can join her to learn some moves, it’s much for fun! 

It’s the cheapest life insurance you may find on the internet! Get the course here. 


4. Travel Wallet For Women


Flight tickets, passports, credit cards and money – usually we have it all over the place stored in different pockets. This brown vintage-style travel wallet holds space for all of it! In a lot of countries they deal with notes only and you find yourself buried in mountains of them!

Stay organized and store all your essential travel documents and money in one place. Get the travel wallet here. 

5. ‘One Thing Every Day’ Journal

Are you looking to help your friend become a better person? Then this journal is for you! Make courageously thinking your friend’s (or your) daily habit! 

Challenge her to perform one small act of bravery every day, for example singing out loud, asking for help, admitting a mistake, pitching an idea, accepting a compliment, changing your hair, going for the prize, failing spectacularly and trying again and so on. This journal contains a year’s worth of fear-facing prompts and mottoes of encouragement. Journals, in general, are amazing gifts for friends. 

Get this gift here. 

Unique gifts for him if he likes to travel      

1. King Will Ring – Wood Style


Same story here ladies! If you would like your man to think about your every day, this is the ultimate present, put a ring on his hand and make him yours haha. Just kidding. Have a look at it here. 

2. Leather Toiletry Bag with Travel Bottles

This leather toiletry bag doesn’t just look very fancy, it also embraces the classic dopp kit design. This toiletry bag has a waterproof lining and is made out of real leather which is what you want when you travel a lot. 

The two large compartments can easily fit a range of travel and shaving accessories. It comes with two silicon bottles, making it the ultimate travel kit. Check it out here.

3. Ticket To Ride 

Guys are naturally competitive and LOVE games! Check out this board game called Ticket To Ride. The goal of the game is to complete “train routes” in between popular cities in Europe. 

For instance, one person will have to build a track between “Istanbul & Cologne”.  Check it out here for more info. 

4. Engraved Pocket Knife

Keep it personal peeps, unique gifts for him are not too hard to find. This kick-ass beautifully fancy looking pocket knife will come with a personal engraving!

The blade is 3.25″long, the overall size of the knife is 4.5″. The perfect gift for Dad’s I would say! Check out this particular pocket knife here. For more options and different styles click here. 


5. Mobile Shaver 


Let’s keep it practical! Any man who travels around would appreciate a mobile shaver! And the company Braun is German as well, so you can be sure it’s good quality! Check it out here. 

Unique gifts for business travelers

1. The Business Laptop Backpack 

This backpack comes with heaps of cool features like a USB interface with built-in cable design, a great convenience for charging electronic devices via connecting to a power bank.

The headphone interface frees the hands when enjoying audios, music, etc.

The backpack comes with fixed password locks and durable metal zippers, which guarantee to keep all valuables safe! Get it here. 

2. Anti-Wrinkle Packing Cube

This anti-wrinkle folder keeps your shirts wrinkle free! No more ironing when you get to your destination. Keeping your clothes organized, this cube makes it super easy to find what you are looking for. 

Whether you’re jet-setting abroad or driving to a weekend getaway, space is always a premium, and no traveler enjoys the stress of not having enough space. This compressed packing cube creates more space for you in your hand luggage. 

Suitable for frequent business travelers, on-the-go man or women who bike to work. Get it here.

3. Leather Travel Tote 

Cables! We all have a lot of them – everywhere! What a nightmare. Stay organize and put them all organized nicely in one place. Travel totes are always amazing gifts for business travelers. Get it here. 


4. Social Media Money Generator

This course explains step by step how you can make heaps of money on social media. Does your friend have already an existing following but doesn’t do much with it?

Check out this ‘how to make money on Instagram while traveling the world’ kinda course and see if that could be a good fit? It’s suitable for any niche, a lot of ‘travel influencers’ go for it.


If your friend is looking to stay out there for a longer time of period and is looking to become a ‘digital nomad’ then this may be the perfect present! Get it here. 


5.  Portable Battery

Of course, there is nothing more important than being available as a businessman/women.

With this portable battery, your friends can make sure to have their phones and other devices charged at all times and don’t miss out on important updates and messages! Get it here. 


Unique gifts for friends who are going travelling soon

1. DNA Ancestry Test Kit

Confused in life? Let’s face it! Many travelers are 🙂 The reason why a lot of travelers want to hit the road is after some major changes happened in their lives. Help them out to decide on her next destination with this at home DNA testing kit. This test will show a detailed genetic history and the places his family truly is from! 

This sound so weird, strange and exciting doesn’t it? If this isn’t out of the box, what is?! Get it here. 

2. Travel Anywhere Guide

This is SO cool! Certain travel guides can get repetitive: See museums, see buildings, and dine at recommended eateries. Rest and repeat. Add equal parts exploration and adventure to your friend’s next travel destination with the Anywhere Travel Guide.

Make a game out of her wanderlust with these 75 unique and interactive prompts written on cards. This is the perfect gift for solo travelers.

The only rules are to pick a card, follow the instructions, and see what happens. With prompts like “walk down the street in a strange way” or “ask a stranger for his/her favorite cafe” and go there. The next vacation will be anything but ordinary.

Push the boundaries, challenge your friend to get out of her/his comfort zone. In the end, that’s the reason why they go traveling in the first place! Get it here. 

3. Pocket Photo Printer

Nice! I met a few people along the way who were carrying those. This pocket photo printer gives you the option to print memorable pictures on the spot.

It’s a very nice gesture if you are meeting people along the way whom you are sharing nice experiences with. With this small device, you are able to print your selfie on the spot and give it to them as a souvenir. Super powerful to create long-lasting connections! Get it here. 

4. Air BnB Gift Card

If you are not a fan of giving away gadgets and ‘things’ you may invest in an Air BnB gift card. This is well something everyone who goes travelling will make use of 100%.

The Air BnB Gift Card is the ideal gift for your friend if he or she is looking for a less commercial experience abroad. Get it here.


5. E-Reader / Kindle

Your buddy will want to travel light. Gut he/she would also love to continue reading books, especially during long plane, train or car rides.

Check out the Kindle here. You can download books on the go!

Get it here and let your friends choose their own gifts!

Is this a cool list of gifts for friends?

Or are you still not sure what to get? Well, you have always the option for an Amazon gift card and let your friends decide for themselves! 

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