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Best phone apps (you probably knew about already!) to use while on the road - Take a Trip with Tina

Here is a list of the small collection of my favorite and best apps for traveling abroad. I can’t recommend them enough!



For me nowadays without any doubt the most important app on the market! The last thing you want if you just come out of a long flight is to argue with taxi drivers about prices. Simply click on the GRAB app and order a taxi (usually within minutes) to the place where you are. It’s the cheapest option in every city.

You don’t have any cash in the currency of the country you are in? No probs! No cash is involved. Grab takes the money straight from your bank account. 

I would recommend to use it in most places, apart from Bali. I would not necessarily recommend using this application as taxi drivers still can be super dodgy (even though they had registered with the app). Most times in Bali they will try to screw you over and ask you for more money than the app was showing originally. In some parts of Bali taxi applications are ‘illegal’ and not taken easily by the ‘banjar’ (local community).

There have been cases Grab taxi drivers have been stopped on the road and beaten up by the banjar and have been forced to ‘hand over’ their customers to the local drivers, who then charged the tourists 4x the normal price. Advise here: Talk to your trusted travel agent for Bali about more info. 


Isn’t it the most annoying thing in the world not being able to understand each other, despite how hard you try? Nope. No more. Just get the dicct.cc app!best-apps-for-traveling-abroad-150x150

It is multilingual with 25 languages. You can download the vocabulary while online and use the translator afterward, anytime, without an internet connection. Comes in very handy in the desert or in remote areas and you can also listen to the correct pronunciation.

It also has an integrated vocabulary trainer – best of all – it’s FREE!!




best-apps-for-traveling-abroad-150x150Like reading while on the road? No more dragging loads and loads of books across countries. The Kindle makes it easy. Electronic reading. Boom! You will be using the same account as you are using with your Kindle Paperwhite (available on AMAZON). 

Books will be downloaded onto your KINDLE and off you go! I use both, the app on my phone as well as the Paperwhite Kindle. When lying in bed it’s just so much nice to read on the Kindle screen than on the phone screen. 


Momondo Flights & morebest-apps-for-traveling-abroad-150x150

Momondo offers flights, car hire and hotels. Momondo has always the cheapest and best flight combinations available out of all flight search engines on the internet! 

Be aware though, should you need to cancel or change a flight, you would need to contact the travel agency which you booked the flights through (the one Momonodo will have suggested to you at the time of booking). If you book through this app, you can save some money, however, it’s a bit of a pain when it comes to changing flight dates. Travel agencies will eventually do it, however, this will always take more time than if you would do it through the airline itself directly (which is not possible once you have booked through Momondo). 


XE currency converter


Keep track of your expenses and how much exactly you are paying in another currency. The XE currency app works with updated exchange rates and is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, and Firefox OS devices.


Air BnB

Make yourself feel at home at an actual household/home of somebody! So much better than hostels and still cheaper than the hotels! Air BnB – Feel at home anywhere!

Get $ 25 off your first adventure now. 



Stay Safe And Get Peace Of Mind When Dating

Girls Kick Ass

If you fancy going on dates while travelling, make sure you let your friends know about it! Stay Safe is the safest way to date! This app will make sure your friends have got your back. Just in case. 

Check out the app here. 




Make free phone calls all over the world from your Skype account and talk to friends, family or business partners. Easily top up your account with some credit and call your friends and family on their mobiles at a very low price.



Viber lets you send free messages and make free calls to other Viber users, on any device and network… in any country! Viber syncs your contacts, messages and call history with your mobile device.



Free Wi-fi finderbest-apps-for-traveling-abroad-150x150

Finds internet hot spots for you no matter where you are in the world. Online and offline. Yay!




I think this is the best tool ever. Perfect for long bus rides, boats trips and flights. Just lean back, dive into the world of your favorite book and let someone read it out loud to you… Is there any better way of relaxing?

Check it out here. 




Need to find cheap accommodation quickly? Hostelworld offers hostels in over 3,500 destinations worldwide. In some places, you got to book in advance! If you just walk up at night (which I would NEVER recommend doing!), it might be fully booked. Get the app to book quickly and easily via your smartphone.


Find real travelers reviews before you book a hotel, eat out in a restaurant or check out the best coffee in town! TripAdvisor is a must on everyone’s phone!



Google maps 

Without Google Maps I would have NO clue where I am going most of the time. The app tells you the exact time of arrival should you be travelling by car, by foot, bus, scooter or train. It even tells you the exact time how long a Grab taxi would take to your desired destination.   




Traffic report Tina Dahmen

Waze is a free app which reports about traffic and road conditions. It’s very popular amongst taxi drivers but equally useful for everyday drivers. Unlike Google Maps, Waze will also report about police traps and potholes. Be wary though you will have to have your GPS on at all times which will drain your phone’s battery very quickly. 



Google Translate 

Conversations made easier between people who don’t speak each other’s language. A must for every globe-trotter who wants to communicate more easily. It’s free and available for Android and iOs.


Did you find this article useful? Which apps do you use while on the road? Please share this article and your thoughts in the comment box below!

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