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About - Take a Trip with Tina

Hello! I'm Tina

World Traveller & Travel Agent
Author of "Entertainment Book Bali"

Taking on the World, One City at a Time

The internet is full of offers and can be quiet overwhelming at times. Eight years of experience in the industry allowed me to gain an understanding of what is important to my clients, which companies to avoid and which companies to recommend and to collaborate with.

Many years of traveling around the world allowed me to establish amazing relationships with reliable travel suppliers out there and even build long-lasting friendships.

There is no bribing, free rides or anything behind my recommendations to you. 100% honest reviews and recommendations are guaranteed, as well as kick-ass itineraries and holidays which are off the beaten track.

Every journey is unique on its own, that’s why it takes many hours, sometimes weeks of work to create the perfect customized itinerary, 100% aligned with your needs. These trips are unique experiences which show you the real culture of a country, it will open up the curtains and you will have the opportunity to connect with locals on the deepest level.

A few years back I ran an educational student tour company which was based in London. Students from all over the world came to the UK to study English and I took them around the UK & Europe for some adventures. My clients nowadays range from first-time travelers, honeymooners, families and people who love to travel solo or in groups. I get to work with a healthy mix of all sorts of traveler – which keeps my job very exciting!

With those handcrafted itineraries, you will experience unique and off the beaten path holidays. Do you love luxury? Then you must check out Luxury Bali Tours, my latest venture.

Let’s talk. what are you waiting for?


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What my clients say about me


If I could sum up our 4 day Gili/Lombok adventure in one word, it would be “Unforgettable”. A lot of people that travel and go on tours will probably remember bits and pieces of them in the future. For this trip, from the moment we started to the moment we got off the shuttle, I’ll never forget a minute. It was AMAZING. I recommended Tina even change it to “Adventures with Tina” as a trip doesn’t sound as exciting 😉
My girlfriend was in Bali for two weeks and it was my first vacation in two years, so I wanted all of the small details taken care of so I could shut my brain down and enjoy the adventure. That’s exactly what happened.
The Gili islands were amazing. I fell in love with a new place and will be returning in the future. If you thought Bali was laid back, the Gilis take it to a whole new level. It’s a very relaxing, quite and secluded set of islands. If you’re into parties, Gili T is there for you. If you want to chill with a special someone, GIli Air will provide. Or if you’re into the honeymoon phase, head straight to Gili Meno.
All of the activities were awesome and didn’t feel rushed like other tours I’ve taken. There was also a lot of freedom in what we could do in our off time, with no pressure to be constantly on the move which was a bonus.
The cherry on the cake for the whole trip was Lombok. Tina’s team member Hyfan (our guide) showed us an amazing time. The hospitality was unmatched, the adventure was thrilling and the places we saw were not swarming with tourists. I truly felt like I was taking a trip with a long time friend while getting to know the local vibes. Hyfan, if you’re reading this, you’re the man!
Lastly, the mastermind behind it all, Tina. I didn’t have to sweat the details at any step along the way. Anytime I had questions or was looking for recommendations she was there to answer. From planning to execution, Tina was on point and very quick with communications. 
To sum this up, if you’re looking to unwind, explore new places and have an unforgettable experience, forget about any other tour guides, Tina is the answer!
Aaron Whelan, Canada


How I Became a Full-Time Traveller

It all started off when Lebanese refugees came to my village in Germany. I grew up in a village consisting of 500 people, so there was nobody around who spoke English. The little English we learned at school didn’t go a long way, as there was nobody to practice with. I became friends with the refugees. We weren’t able to communicate with each other, they didn’t speak German, I didn’t speak English or Arabic. I felt embarrassed and sad I wasn’t able to communicate properly. So I took 3 months off paid work and went to language school to Australia.


This is where it all began. Getting away from my daily routine, seeing another country, speaking another language and meeting more people from more countries at school. It opened up all sorts of possibilities in my head. I felt amazed, overwhelmed, inspired and so hungry to see more of the world.



Long story short, I moved overseas, studied, traveled and worked everywhere I possibly could. 10 years later I find myself running Luxury Bali Tours, Take a Trip with Tina and Girls Kick Ass, writing those lines behind my laptop from currently Chiang Mai.



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